How Sketch and InVision have revolutionised design workflow

What are Sketch and InVision?

Available exclusively for Mac, the Sketch App has been built for digital designers. The app gives designers the capability to create fully editable symbols which allow you to be very flexible, especially with rapid changes, which make creating resizable responsive artwork a breeze.

The InVision App enhances the functionality of Sketch, and makes the design ready for presentation to the client, and then for the developer to start coding.

Benefits of the technology

There were various benefits for Webplace in implementing each application into our workflow. If I had to narrow it down to three key improvements, they would have to be the use of advanced gestures and transitions, more collaboration, and also efficiency.

Let me explain:

Advanced Gestures & Transitions

Advanced gestures and transitions are available out-of-the box, enabling us to construct high-fidelity prototypes with static designs. This helps the design team creativity with the user experience and user journeys.


When working on a project, collaboration is such a key component of a successful design. The capability for shared libraries so that team members can access and update the same assets, along with developer handoff with InVision Inspect or the Zeppelin extension is far more


The prospect of improved efficiency was a major contributor to why our team have made the switch. Achieving an even better result in a shorter amount of time has benefits for all parties involved in the project.

A final word

These observations and gripes could be answered very soon however. Available next month (Jan 2018), comes InVision Studio, with the promise of being ‘the world’s most powerful design tool’.

It offers super-quick prototyping and full control over transitions and gestures and what looks to be a very interesting approach to responsive design.

Having switched software so recently, I’m loathe to entertain the idea of swapping again, so it’s going to have to be a compelling argument to convince me. InVision Studio is definitely worth keeping an eye on in the first half of 2018 to gauge industry reaction however.

If you’re new to digital design, and learning the tools, the future looks bright.